Sometimes I wonder why I am doing all of this.
Why do I go to school?
Why do I go to work?
Why do I care how wealthy and successful I am?
Why is it so important that I am good and kind?
After all, I am only here on Earth for a short moment. Why not spend it doing something I really care about.

My best friend Emily. (via charlies-honest)

actually tho

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what if your pillow could collect your dreams and when you wake up you plug it into your computer and watch them over again

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Things I will not judge you for:
•Clothing choices

Things I will judge you for:
•Not signalling while driving
•How you treat wait staff
•Which way you think the toilet roll goes

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Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together. Elizabeth Taylor  (via d-ysphoria)
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